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Pilot - "A cry for something beautiful"

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"You can't ignore me."

Nola drops out of high school, abandoning her life in Ohio to move to L.A. to find her famous photographer mom that abandoned her as a baby to extort her for money so she can create a glossy life for herself in L.A. That photographer is Colton, who is working on a Mapplethorpe-esque series with transgender models for an upcoming make-it-or-break-it show. Nola is mistaken for an intern when she shows up to confront Colton with a handgun and reluctantly accepts an internship for the day, concealing her identity, when she realizes she does not yet have courage to confront Colton. Nola is assigned to drive and escort Jess on a bumble date with a nice guy named Sam who Jess plans to have meaningless sex with but has a panic attack in the middle of accomplishing that goal; which nearly puts her in the hospital. Nola is sent to pick up Liam and Nola makes a sexual advance on Liam and in  act of defiance , tells him that she is Colton's daughter. Liam sends Nola home and goes to the rescue of Jess who stays at his place that night on the pullout couch. The next day, Liam, Matt, and Joshua visit Colton’s and tell her what they really think of her new photo series for her upcoming make-it-or-break-it show. She is upset by their response and storms out. Liam despairs when his ex-girlfriend refuses to meet with him for a proper breakup and realizes his recent breakup is for real. Jess invites Liam into her shower to fulfill her goal of achieving sexual conquest under the guise of helping Liam move on. When the real intern shows up for the job Nola has been assuming, Nola is exposed and confronts Nola with the handgun. She doesn’t have to explain who she is or what she wants, Colton already know she is the daughter she abandoned all those years ago. 

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