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The first season of The Lonely Crowd traces the early days of this group of friends as they struggle with finding love and commitment in the big city. We’ll see each one look for their own form of fulfillment in another person. Whether it’s Liam pinning his hopes on something special with Taylor or Nola seeking the family she always dreamed about on the glossy pages of a magazine, season one is about the search for love and the loneliness that accompanies it.

Future seasons of The Lonely Crowd will continue to explore similar themes as the characters grow and develop. Colton and Nola must reach an accord and eventual understanding as they try to figure out what it means to be family under such impossible conditions. Liam goes on a self-destructive rampage after getting his heart broken by Taylor. He winds up with a wonderful girl who everyone likes but him. Liam’s efforts to force the romance eventually wind up heartbreaking everyone. Matt falls in love, moves out of Liam’s house and starts to change back into a mellow and loveable guy. Jess moves into Liam’s house and the strange traumatic sex thing between them grows. They try to have sex and Jess begs Liam to finish it, to get her through it no matter what. He does and they both end up traumatized by reliving her rape. Fame and fortune come and go for these characters but they’ll always have each other. In the end, it will never be quite enough and they’ll always find themselves in the lonely crowd.

SEASON 1 - continues into the holidays and every member of the group begins to come unraveled. One by one, their relationships fall apart due to neglect or self-destructiveness. Colton’s art show is a disaster but a one-off nude photo of Anne and Nola together becomes a sensation and the fame she was waiting for comes knocking. Underneath that fame, though, is a waiting disaster. Word gets out that Nola is underage and a firestorm unfolds. Colton is ruined and, at the absolute nadir of her misery finds out the truth about Nola. Long ago, before she knew who she was and before she chased her destiny to Los Angeles, Colton had a baby. Nola is that mistake all grown up. Liam falls deeper in love with Taylor only to find that she never took the relationship with him as seriously. He’s publicly embarrassed to find her walking red carpets with other men. A string of close calls and near misses leave Matt more bitter than ever. A trip home reminds Jess that you can’t change people who don’t want to be changed, all you can do is hope to escape the ugliness of your past. In the end, every one of our characters winds up alone and swiping impotently at their dating apps looking for some kind of connection and finding nothing.

Episode #6: “The end of the world will not be televised”


Colton and Anne keep fighting even as Nola finds an increasing depth of friendship with Anne. Anne and Nola take a class together and a kind, funny guy from the class asks Nola out. Anne and Colton go to therapy and the source of Colton’s stress becomes clear. The up and coming artist is in serious money trouble and the fortune she expected with her fame is slow to materialize. After Anne storms out of the session, the therapist adds her voice to the increasing number of people who don’t think Anne is a lesbian. Liam realizes that he’s falling in love with Taylor. Joshua begins to doubt his own relationship after his fiancée takes the death of his beloved dog too lightly. Nola’s date with the guy from acting class is a disaster. He’s sweet, gentle and kind and that’s a major turn off. When Nola goes to Colton’s looking for someone to talk to, she spots Anne sleeping with a man. Nola doesn’t tell anyone, choosing loyalty to Anne over Colton.


Episode #5: “I want you to meet my dad”


Liam and Taylor’s relationship continues to intensify but his refusal to meet her father starts to feel like a roadblock. Liam doesn’t notice that Taylor seems partied out when he first picks her up. After a lovely hike, they get the relationship back on track. Joshua struggles with his ongoing celibacy and wonders whether his girlfriend is the one and wither or not he is ready for marriage. Jess finally tells Sam about her history as a rape victim. He is understanding and agrees to take things slow.

Episode 4: “No more Facebook for you”


Nola can’t stand living in poverty, especially once she gets a look at how the rich of LA are living. She decides to upgrade her lifestyle by any means necessary. She meets a man at a party and, after sleeping with him, rifles his wallet for cash. Tired of the failed dates, right wing diatribes and endless virtual drama, Liam locks Matt out of Facebook. The two friends go to war over it. Changing each other’s passwords and playing other pranks. In the end, they have a meaningful discussion on the value of information and how important it is to keep people’s real personas and internet personas separate. Liam still isn’t ready to meet Taylor’s parents. He knows how huge her father’s help could be foe his career and wants to make sure the relationship is the most important thing. Meanwhile, when a man she robbed comes looking for her, Nola pulls a gun on him and the whole group begins to understand that they might have a loose cannon in their midst.

Episode 2: “”



Episode 3: “The Kruetzer Sonata”


After a fiery sermon about celibacy, Joshua and his new girlfriend decide to spice up their sex life by not having sex. Hearing Josh talk about it at dinner has a profound effect on the entire group of friends. Liam and Taylor’s date goes amazingly and, in order to keep it special, Liam also decides to keep sex out of it. Matt, on the other hand, has regrettable sex and tries to forget it. After a couple of days, the lack of sex starts to frustrate Joshua but his girlfriend doesn’t want to let the experiment go, she now sees it as leverage for getting Joshua to commit to marriage. Matt meets Nola while spiraling into depression. She tries to cheer him up with sex but he can’t get erect and they sleep side-by-side instead. 


Episode 1: “Pilot”

Nola drops out of high school, abandoning her life in Ohio to move to L.A. That photographer is Colton who is working on a Mapplethorop-esque series with transgender models for an upcoming show. Jess goes on a date with a nice guy named Sam, tries to have sex with him but has a panic attack. She calls Liam. Liam comes to the rescue and agrees to let her stay there. Liam, Matt, Brianna and Matt go out to a bar. Liam meets a charming girl named Taylor, he is immediately smitten with. Liam returns that night and sleeps in same bed. That morning Jess flirts with Liam while naked in the shower. David shows up to take Liam and Matt to lunch. Liam assumes Jess is mad at him because of the sexual encounter they had and his casual reaction to it. Joshua, Matt, and Liam visit Colton’s and tell her what they really think of her new photo series for an upcoming show. She is upset by their response and storms out. Nola shows up outside Colton’s warehouse with unspecified plans and runs into Colton. Colton doesn’t recognize Nola. Nola is left sad in L.A but determined to make it in L.A on her own.

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